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Wilm Vermeir to win the first world ranking competition

14 September 2023

Wilm Vermeir with 9-year-old mare Dirina O.H.Z. came first in the world ranking competition for the prize of Polski Związek Jeździecki, under the patronage of ‘Świat Koni’, which was at the same time a Friday Grand Prix Qualifier. His victory has not taken many by surprise, as the 44-year-old had triumphed in this rank of competition before – last year’s Warsaw Jumping, and yet this morning he won the young horse competition.

It has been a great day and a nice one to start competitions with. Last year I won the same competition and it just feels great here. Looking back at my Poznań and Sopot scores, along with today’s one, I might consider switching my citizenship to the Polish one and represent this country – said the winner with a grin, while he praised today’s parkour.

Poland’s Marek Lewicki, who finished second with his 10-year-old La Pezi, also clearly hinted his appreciation at the parkour.

La Pezi has been in good shape, which I have made the right use of. The parkour itself was quite a challenge. When I watched the first couple of riders,though the task seemed to be plain sailing, they somehow failed to deliver a clear round, incurring 8, or even 12, penalties. My ride was a bit ’over-cotrolled’, the first line in particular, as I got a bit close there. What matters the most, however, is the completion of qualification. Coming second makes it even more enjoyable. – summarised our captain.

The third of the top was Jarosław Skrzyczyński, backed by Loulou Mpsz.

The parkour was clearly designed as it should be on the first day – allowing the secondary horses to be ridden with more power – noted Skrzyczyński, making it clear how good it feels to be a part of the event again. It is all getting better and better, year by year – he emphasised. 

The CSIO4* competition for the prize of Polski Związek Jeździecki, under the patronage of ‘Świat Koni’

  1. Wilm Vermeir (Belgium / Dirina O.H. Z)
  2. Marek Lewicki (Poland / La Pezi)
  3. Jarosław Skrzyczyński (Poland / Loulou Mpsz)

Full results HERE

Photography: Łukasz Kowalski