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Warsaw Jumping witnesses para dressage debut

15 September 2023

Friday’s evening saw the international para-dressage Grand Prix A class competition for the prize of Fundacja Ochrony Zdrowia to become the first Warsaw Jumping dressage event. There have been five levels of competition, exactly the format of world championships or paraolympics.

Despite the fact that it was only last Sunday that the European Para-Dressage Championships came to an end, many riders felt like popping in at Służewiec. Eventually, only fifteen of them were granted access to the competition.

The arena looks spectacular, and the evenings – with all the lighting – make it even more impressive. I have never stood a chance to perform in such surroundings. While already in training, my horse was definitely excited, though not frightened, which makes me look forward to tonight’s competition with great expectations – said Monika Bartyś – the 14-time national champion – right after the first training sessions.

The KS Centurion representative proved herself undefeated, achieving level V of competition. Her ride on Caspar brought as many as 71,203%.

The second spot was seized by Dominik AST (KS Sydow Riding Team), scoring 67,361% with Femme de Matcho. The podium was made complete by Finland’s Laura Kangasniemi and Goldprins, who racked up 67,176%. The remaining positions were taken by: Finnish Hanna Soininen on La Belleza, Dominik Ast, this time on Don Matcho, and two other Finns – Pia-Pauliina Reitti with Supermo and Jessica Kerttunen with Duyou Mi.

At level V, the top of the podium went to Jonna Aaltonen (FIN), storing 68,120% with Laxton For U. Second place was reached by Toshifumi Jo (JPN) – he scored66,880% with Kamasutra D. Dominika Pączek (LKJ Lewada Zakrzów) with Lucatoni finished with 62,650%.

The best at level I was Katja Karjalainen (FIN) on Supremo stored 69,861%. Magdalena Cycak (Picador Wrocław) with Sybilla was judged on 67,986 and with Atut on 61,528%.

Level III was represented by Sho Inaba (JPN) & Huzette BH. This pair scored 68,389%. At level II his teammate Sushi Yoshigoe on Javyro finished with 67,011%.

Saturday 9 pm will be another opportunity to watch para dressage Grand Prix B. Free-style performances to the music for the prize of PZU will be up for watching on Sunday at 5 pm.

Full results HERE

Photograps: Łukasz Kowalski