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Vermeir’s fourth gold as he tops young horse competition

16 September 2023

Warsaw Jumping Sunday has just opened with Wilm Vermeir and the 7-year-old Belle Amie vd Dassenheide Z seizing victory at the young horse competition for the prize of PZU. It has been his fourth triumph at Warsaw Jumping 2023.

The course was very-well designed, ideal one for young horses. Belle Amie has been superb today, I knew I could go very fast in the jump-off. It has never happened to me to win four competitions during one event, so Warsaw may be taken for a record. – said the 50th jumper up the global ranks.

Switzerland’s Anthony Bourguard and his 8-year-old stallion Festival Semilly clocked second.

Third place was taken by Kevin Jochems of the Netherlands on an 8-year-old Looks Good de Liebri Z. The same duo was victorious at yesterday’s CSIYH for the prize of KOWR.


CSIYH for the prize of PZU

1 Wilm Vermeir (Belle Amie vd Dassenheide Z/Belgium)

2 Anthony Bourquard (Festival Semilly/Switzerland)

3 Kevin Jochems (Looks Good de Liebri Z/Netherlands)


Full results HERE


Photographs by Dava Palej