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Vermeir of Belgium unbeatable at Grand Prix

15 September 2023
The Belgian Wilm Vermeir claimed the first place at a most prominent Friday event with Warsaw Jumping schedules of today’s – the Grand Prix of LR 155 cm for the prize of Orlen, under the patronage of TVP Sport, boasting the prize pool adding up to 407 200 PLN, clocking first out of 49 riders attending. The parkour designed by Gregory Bodo – the same one to take charge of the Paris Olympic show jumping next year – did not make it easy for the competitors. Only as few as six riders went forward to the jump-off, having delivered a clear round.
Time was then to determine the final ranking list. The fastest one to complete the course was Wilm Vermeir, and that was another gorgeous Warsaw parkour for his performance. Let it not be forgotten that he was also the one to win the opening competition of this year’s Warsaw Jumping.
Poland is my country, I just have to come here more often. – he joked while obviously cherishing the well-deserved victory.
His aftertaste description of the competition was no less convincing: It was a nice one, but the lines were a bit long. It made things a little difficult. All the horses were a little bit open, and the time was a little bit short. The jump-off was perfect for me. Sometimes you feel that a jump-off was not a perfect ride, but this one was really good for me.
Denmark’s Lars Bak Andersen and his 11-year-old mare Ethene came right after. The podium was completed by Swiss Dominik Fuhrer partnered by the 12-year-old gelding Ghost.
I am a truly lucky one. My horse jumped pretty well and I am so glad. The parkour was truly technical, which is probably why so many knock-downs have come about, but the riding was really smooth. The course designer definitely did the job. – commented the 2021 Swiss national champion.
I was quite relaxed before that one, as I knew I had nothing to lose. I am simply happy to be a part of this competition and Ghost is truly in good shape – so we can enjoy the event together. – he added.
CSIO4* Grand Prix for the prize of Orlen, under the patronage of TVP Sport:
1. Will Vermeir (Joyride S / Belgium)
2. Lars Bak Andersen (Ethne / Denmark)
3. Dominik Fuhrer (Ghost / Switzerland)
Full results HERE
Photograps by Łukasz Kowalski