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Skrzyczyński to win the very first competition of Warsaw Jumping 2022

8 September 2022

Jarosław Skrzyczyński and his 11-year-old Olimpic Star mare have seized their victory this morning in the opening two-phase competition of Warsaw Jumping CSIO4* for the prize of Fundacja Lotto.

The runner-up has been Trevor Breen of Ireland on a 10-year-old Chankar Mail stallion. The bronze went to a German Hannes Ahlmann and his 8-year-old Diara 29.

The current vice-champion of Poland admits: A normal thing for an opening competition – everyone was a bit on the cautious side, which I think I took advantage of. And it went down well. The parkour was a good starter for the opening competition, even though the arena is quite peculiar – which gives those less experienced horses a bit of extra challenge.

He went on to say that the gold may be a good forecast for the Polish team. ‘There are many competitions to come and it will not be so obvious to find ourselves up the top every time. Let us then leave some medals to our foreign competitors.’

CSI2* two-phase competition for the prize of Fundacja Lotto:

1. Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) Olimpic Star /0 penalties 27.44 sec
2. Trevor Breen (IRL) Chankar Mail /0 penalties 27.95 sec
3. Hannes Ahlmann (GER) Diara 29 /0 penalties 28.21 sec

Full results HERE

photography: Dava Palej