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Portugal’s Saebra triumphs at CSI2*

8 September 2022

A Portuguese, Duarte Seabra with Fernhill Holly Chay has finished first at the last competition of Thursday’s – the CSI2* under the patronage of Ministry of State Assets.

The second place was taken by Mściwoj Kiecoń with Digisport Codelna. Ebba Danielsson of Sweden with Chopard 19 came third.

‘Yes, I am very happy. It has been a very good start. Let us hope we keep up the good shape for the rest of the competition. The parkour was very technical, and we never know how the horses are going to react to lights, but all in all, I feel very happy. And it feels wonderful to be here.’ – said the winner.

The CSI2* competition under the patronage of Ministry of State Assets:

1. Duarte Seabra (Portugal) / Fernhill Holly Chay / 0 penalty points. 64.40 sec.

2. Mściwoj Kiecoń (Poland) / Digisport Codeina / 0 penalty points. 64.55 sec.

3. Ebba Danielsson (Sweden) / Chopard 19 / 0 penalty points. 65.02 sec.

Full results HERE

Fot. Łukasz Kowalski