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Opłatek tops the list of PKO BP CSIO4*

10 September 2022
Poland’s Andrzej Opłatek has placed 1st in the early afternoon 145 cm against-the-clock for the prize of PKO Bank Polski, which counts towards the world ranking. The well-established Dutch Maikel van der Vleuten came second, and vice-champion of Poland Jarosław Skrzyczyński finished right behind him. 
The parkour comprised 12 obstacles, including three double combinations – which required the total of 15 jumps. The winding course was designed in a way that enabled the riders to take a shortcut as early as ahead of obstacle no. 2. Most Polish team members, one by one, made the right use of it – the lead was consecutively taken by Malwina Urbańska, Jarosław Skrzyczyński and Andrzej Opłatek. And it was Opłatek who won not only the pool of the impressive PLN 26, 000, but also fed himself 50 points into the Longines Ranking, with his mount Le Cordial.
The winning has given me a lot of satisfaction. Le Cordial seems to have been in the right shape since the very beginning of Warsaw Jumping. Winning at home is always a great thing. And I take it for a nice forecast ahead of tomorrow. I know what I can expect of my horse, which makes me look forward to the Nations Cup peacefully. – he admitted.
The bronze medalist of World Championships Maikel van der Vleuten placed 2nd with his Equus Tame.
The course allowed for a few options, to make an inside turn. It just depends on what risk you want to take and if you really want to go for a win. I am so glad to see how great a job was done here in Warsaw. It also gives all the necessary experience to those young, less experienced horses, like my 8-year-old stallion that I won today’s medal with. – said van der Vleuten
Jarosław Skrzyczyński with Jerico finished third… a short while after his spectacular victory in the show race.
CSIO4* competition for the prize of PKO Bank Polski
1. Andrzej Opłatek / Le Cordial / 62.04 sec / Poland
2. Maikel van der Vleuten / Equus Tame / 63.30 sec / the Netherlands
3. Jarosław Skrzyczyński / Jerico / 64.37 sec / Poland
Full results HERE
Fot. Łukasz Kowalski