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Belgium’s Charlotte Philippe on top of CSIO4*

15 September 2023

Charlotte Philippe and the 11-year-old mare Goduva S have topped the podium of the CSIO4* competition for the prize of DEFENDER. The Belgian has cherished her victory even more, still perhaps looking back to her Thursday qualifier retirement, due to a fall.

It feels so much better today than yesterday, when I fell off Cacharel de Amoranda Z. I was feeling a bit uncertain at the beginning, but then I managed to regain all my powers – she said with a grin.

The arena has seen many errors today, but my mare was pure revelation. She is always there for me, and today was no different – added Charlotte.

Right after her, there came Bronislav Chudyba, riding the same mare he won the yesterday’s CSIO4* with. The Slovak also recognised the challenge of the parkour, at the same time revealing its clear advantages.

It is nice and well-designed. The horses seem to like it. My mare takes great jumps here. We won yesterday, and we have just been second today. I have to tell you how much I enjoy every single moment of being here.

Third on the podium was Spain’s Jesus Bamonde on his 8-year-old AGR Colombia.

I feel happy, even though getting so high was not easy. I took some risk. One had to choose between riding really fast at some points, and a sure restraint at some other. Fortunately, my mare did her best – he said.

CSIO4* competition for the prize of Defender

  1. Charlotte Philippe (Godiva S / Belgium)
  2. Bronislav Chudyba (Harriet T / Slovakia)
  3. Jesus Bamonde (AGR Colombia / Spain)

Full results HERE

Photo: Łukasz Kowalski