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Another gold goes to… Poland! Kaźmierczak on top of the two-phase competition.

8 September 2022
Michał Kaźmierczak and his Whoopy Boy – the two have won today’s two-phase CSIO4* contest for the prize of Traf Zakłady Wzajemne.
Mission completed. Shortcuts taken. The right tempo maintained. Quite a parkour for 140 cm. – the winner concludes.
The second position was secured by the Italian Guido Franchi and his 12-year-old Falanita mare.
A wonderful way to get into Warsaw Jumping. It makes me so happy to succeed on a horse I have only been working with for a relatively short time. Her jumps were just great and it feels so good to be riding her. A decent course to start with, it was. And now we are facing a major competition – the tomorrow’s Grand Prix qualification. – says Guido. He added to be counting on the performance quality of his primary horse – Vulcan de Retaud.
Ireland came third with Anthony Condon and the 9-year-old Merlins Victoire
CSIO4* two phase 140 cm for the prize of Traf Zakłady Wzajemne
1. Michał Kaźmierczak (POL) Whoopy Boy / 0 penalty points. 24.64 sec. 
2. Guido Franchi (ITA) Falanita / 0 penalty points. 25.96 sec. 
3. Anthony Condon (IRL) Merlins Victoire / 0 penalty points. 26.52 sec.
Full results HERE
Photos by: Łukasz Kowalski