Countdown to the event


Honorary Committee


Dear Sir or Madam,

For many years the Służewiec Racecourse has been the venue hosting the most important and interesting national and international equestrian events. Warsaw attracts the best riders from all over the world. Obviously, the main reason for that are the races held here, but there is another exceptional event waiting for us this July – the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup Final, which takes place during the Warsaw Jumping CSIO4* competition. This sports festival is organized by Totalizator Sportowy. It is worth noting that the prize pool is over PLN 1,900,000. Such an amount guarantees that the best world-class riders will be interested in the event, which, in turn, promises a very interesting competition!

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that the fact that the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup Final is held in Poland should be a source of pride and joy for all horse sports enthusiasts in our country. May there be as many such events as possible!

I hope you can all experience #GreatMoments during the WARSAW JUMPING CSIO4* LONGINES EEF Series!


A few splendidly emotional days ahead of us! I am so glad to know that Warsaw is soon to become the arena for the Nations Cup rivalry within the EEF Longines Show Jumping Series. It has been genuinely great news to every fan of the sport.

In the Cup, the Grand Prix, and numerous other competitions, we will be offered a rare opportunity of watching top European riders – along with our national team as the host. Let me believe that for each of them the competition at Służewiec becomes a dream-come-true event.

Warsaw Jumping certainly makes an extraordinary episode. What makes us additionally satisfied is the involvement of state companies – Totalizator Sportowy being the Organiser, along with PKN Orlen, PKO Bank Polski and KGHM to have been listed as partners and sponsors. According to reliable expert estimation, Polish state companies subsidise the development of national sport with over 200 million PLN, which makes me feel – as the Minister of State Assets – particularly proud.

Let me wish all the best to each and every participant of this prestigious competition. And many unforgettable moments for the spectators!



Ladies and gentlemen,

This year, the Warsaw horse racing track in Służewiec will be the venue for the Longines EEF Series Nations Cup Final as part of the Warsaw Jumping CSIO4. It is one of the most important equestrian competitions organized this season in Europe, popularizing equestrian sports and horse breeding.

Agriculture is also horse breeding, here on the horse racing track it can be seen best, we must remember that behind each starting horse there is a hard work of its breeder.

I would like to thank all the organizers and sponsors for their contribution to the popularization of the horse industry. I hope that this event will be permanently entered in the calendar of sports events.

The rank of the competition and the prize money guarantee the participation of the best players from all over Europe in this event.

I invite all horse lovers to the Warsaw horse racing track and wish you many unforgettable moments during the Longines EEF Series final in Warsaw.



Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to participate in the Honorary Committee of the Warsaw Jumping CSIO 4 * competition, which will take place at the Służewiec Horse Race Track in Warsaw.

I represent an institution supervising 38 plant and animal breeding companies of particular importance for the national economy. Among them, there are 20 companies that breed 9 of the most important horse breeds in Polish breeding.
KOWR companies play a leading role in creating and disseminating biological progress in Polish agriculture, which is currently considered the most important factor influencing the increase in agricultural efficiency from the point of view of increasing the quantity as well as the quality of agricultural products. KOWR companies have valuable genetic material of plants and farm animals at their disposal. It is the basis for the achieved biological progress, which is available for domestic agriculture in the form of new plant varieties and subsequent generations of farm animals.

The event in Służewiec undoubtedly unites riders, horse lovers and the audience.
The attractiveness of the sports program of the competition will be guaranteed by seven interesting international competitions, and the highlight will be the Longines EEF Series final – the Final of the European Nations Cup. I am convinced that it will bring together the best riders from Europe and ensure sports competition for victory. One of the elements of Warsaw Jumping CSIO 4 * will be the equestrian equipment fair, which will be a great attraction for horse and equestrian enthusiasts.

I wish all riders success in sports, and the audience a lot of emotions during the equestrian competitions and great fun.



Ladies and gentlemen,

I cordially invite you to Warsaw Jumping CSIO4 *. Awarding Warsaw with the organization of the Final of the European Series of Nations Cup in show jumping is a great honor.

The Służewiec Racecourse will host the best athletes from eleven European countries, including Poland. I look forward to their competition on Sunday, July 25th. It will be a time of great emotions for fans of our national team. You can also expect great experiences on the other days, during individual competitions.

I believe that this event will satisfy the most sophisticated expectations of equestrian connoisseurs and amateurs. The presence of talented competitors and wonderfully trained horses, delighting with their beauty, will guarantee an unforgettable experience. I also hope that you will appreciate the wide selection of equipment and accessories exhibited by manufacturers as part of the fair accompanying the competition.

I am convinced that the event will attract a large audience. I wish the organizers success, the viewers – great fun, and the jumpers and exhibitors – satisfaction from fulfilled hopes.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Longines EEF Series Nations Cup Final, held during Warsaw Jumping, is an event that Poland has never seen before. What makes it unique is the combination of the event’s prestige, a record-breaking prize pool and world-class competitors. We must also remember the spectacular nature of the competition, which will be a demonstration of fine teamwork for achieving perfect harmony between man and animal is a prerequisite for success in show jumping. The place where the competition is held is also significant. The Służewiec Racecourse, located in the heart of Warsaw, is a pearl among European venues of this type.

As part of the Warsaw Jumping competition in the Mazowsze region, we have the honor to host the most important personalities of show jumping. I am aware that this prestigious event will attract the attention of not only the equestrian world, but also business, culture and politics. I believe that we will manage to keep this attention for a longer time.

I wish all the participants of the event many unforgettable moments and I would like to encourage you to discover the abundance of Mazovia’s wealth once the sporting excitement is over.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Warsaw has been chosen to host an extraordinary equestrian event – the EEF Longines Series Nations Cup Final, which will be a part of Warsaw Jumping CSIO4*. The Służewiec rivalry between top European show jumpers will definitely deliver unforgettable emotions. It also makes me feel satisfied to realise that the capital of Poland is about to become the centre of European horse-riding for a few days.

Thank you indeed for your invitation to be a member of the Honorary Committee of Warsaw Jumping CSIO4*, which has been an immense honour and pleasure. Hopefully, such a wonderful event will become permanent within the calendar of Warsaw sporting events and the residents of Warsaw will be granted an opportunity to admire to competition of renowned riders, which could naturally increase the popularity of the activity in our city.

Those who live in Warsaw naturally fall for numerous types of sports. It has been our mission to expand the relevant infrastructure in order to encourage the locals to try out various disciplines. Let me stay convinced that the EEF Longines Series Nations Cup Final will greatly contribute to that process and multiply the number of horse-riding enthusiasts.

I would like to invite all of you to partake in the event by supporting its participants. Let me also wish all the best to each and every rider, good luck in your Nations Cup rivalry and many memorable moments to collect during your stay at the exceptional Służewiec Racecourse.



It is a great honor for the Polish equestrian community to host such an event as the Longines EEF Nations Cup Final during WARSAW JUMPING CSO4*. It will be the first time that Europe’s top show jumping athletes meet in Warsaw amidst the unique architecture of the Służewiec Racecourse. They competed in qualifiers all over Europe to be able to meet and compete for the victory right here in Warsaw, Poland. I am extremely proud to be able to support this event which will once more bring together two equestrian communities through a combination of top-level show jumping competitions and racing. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Management Board and representatives of Totalizator Sportowy for organizing the competition and making our meeting at WARSAW JUMPING CSIO 4* possible.

I hope that this event will be remembered by all the participants. I wish the contestants good luck in the sports competition, and I hope the spectators will experience unforgettable moments.